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Classic Block

Classic Block

Constructed of strong, tear resistant six gauge antibacterial vinyl that is scientifically formulated to remain soft.

Offers excellent value protection from household dust mites by completely encasing your box spring.

Lifetime Guarantee

Washing Instructions: not machine washable, wash using a wet cloth

Medical professionals agree that the best way to avoid the symptoms of house dust mite allergy is to create a non-invasive barrier between them and you. Daily cleaning (sweeping, dusting and vacuuming) alone can actually increase dust levels in the air! It is therefore essential to keep dust levels, especially in the bedroom area, to an absolute minimum.

The house dust mite is a microscopic relative of ticks and spiders. Dust mites live primarily in bed mattresses and pillows as both provide ideal environments for the mite - warm, humid and laden with human skin cells. The average bed contains over two million dust mites while a six year old pillow can have 10% of its weight consist of dead and living mites. The best solution is to entirely encase your mattress, boxspring, pillow and duvet covers with effective allergen barrier encasings for peace of mind and a restful night's sleep. Use of encasings have shown dramatic, positive results in many clinical studies and trials and are highly recommended for preventative treatment.

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