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Respro Allergy Mask

The Respro® Allergy™ mask (formerly known as Aero Mask) has been developed with the hyper sensitive individual in mind. Chemical and particle sensitivity for some people can be completely debilitating. Even the smallest concentration of a chemical can have a marked effect on an individuals well being. Particulates can equally trigger a condition stopping an individual from an activity or being in a particular environment. For more information on our masks click here e-catalogue. Please note: that the mask comes fitted with a Particle filter only. The Chemical+Particle filter is sold as a replacement pack only.

The chemicals and particles that induce these conditions are not rare, but found in everyday items in everyday environments. Cleaning agents, perfumes, soap, paint, varnish, air fresheners, shaving cream, hand lotion, fabric softener all contain common chemicals that can have an effect on an individual with a chemical sensitivity.Particulates such as pollen, plant spores, pet dander, moulds, cigarette smoke, house dust and dust mite feces found in bed mattresses and linen can also have equally distressing effects.

All the materials used in the Respro® Allergy™ mask are known to be inert and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The Techno™ valves are made from Polypropylene with medical grade silicon rubber diaphragms and no latex is used anywhere on the product. The mask material is ultra-light weight and air-permeable, allowing the face to breathe easily and is made from polyester. The polypropylene filter affords Hepa-type protection against sub-micron pollutants and conforms to the technical specifications of European Standard EN149FFP1.

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