Pillows accompany you during one of your most important activities - sleep. For about eight hours a day, your pillow rests close to your face, affecting your body's comfort, the air that you breathe, and ultimately, how refreshed you will feel in the morning.

But many people don't pay adequate attention to their pillows. Often, people hold on to pillows that are too old (most sources recommend changing pillows every couple of years) and too dirty - pillows that have become hotbeds of dust mites and mold. The good news is that the right pillow can actually do a lot to protect you from dust mite allergen and ensure that you get a restful night's sleep.

Our pillows cater to the special needs of allergy sufferers, and this pillow buying guide will help you evaluate your options. You'll be surprised at how much your sleep will improve

Many factors influence our sleep but two of the most important factors are what we rest ourheads on and what we cover ourselves with. A pillow must be soft, yet provide adequate support for the head and neck; and a duvet must be light, yet warm. Many people seem to think that this kind of comfort is only possible with down.

We call StaminaFibre™ natures clone because it is the closest thing to a synthetic down. StaminaFibre™ is a unique, patented filler with all the well-known advantages of down and none of its drawbacks.

StaminaFibre™ keeps both its fluffiness and slight bounce through years of use. Plump it up, give it a shake and it is like new. StaminaFibre™ may even be washed as often as needed to keep it clean and free of allergens without changing its shape in any way.

All these excellent qualities help to make StaminaFibre™ durable and friendly to individuals with allergy as well as supremely, downily comfortable - all through its long, long life.when you select the right pillow. Waking up well-rested and allergy-free begins right here.


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